Evina Naturals Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

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Virgin Coconut Oil is made from the meat of freshly harvested mature coconuts. There are basically two methods: wet and dry process. Wet process is where the coconut oil is extracted from the coconut milk though either fermentation or centrifugation. Dry process is where the coconut meat shreds are dried under low heat and the oil is pressed directly from the dry shreds.

Evina Naturals Virgin coconut oil is processed through a combination of wet and dry methods. Only low heat is applied in the manufacturing process (not exceeding 40 degrees C), therefore the oil retains its natural taste and characteristics. Virgin coconut oil has a wide range of uses as a food supplement, in cooking and for care of skin and hair.

It is considered the healthiest oil on the planet. The most important health benefits of virgin coconut oil are: A good source of quick energy; fights bacteria, virus and other microbes, thus helping our immune system; easy to digest and helps in losing weight; Good for the heart; great for frying as it does not easily oxidize under heat; beneficial for skin and hair. There are many well documented studies on the health benefits of coconut oil.

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