Trung Nguyen Sang Tao 4 Roasted Coffee 340g

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Blend of culi (single  unsplit  peaberry) beans of Arabica,  Robusta,  Chari, and Catimor. Strong,  deep,  dark and complex. The quintessential coffeehouse favorite,  and Trung Nguyen's proudest traditional multi-bean blend.

As an all-culi blend, it has the most complex and full-bodies flavor of the Sang Tao line. Generally not a coffee for people who like mellower coffees such as Arabicas, this coffee has a bite when you brew it strong. Perfect for people who like their coffee strong, dark, acidic and somewhat bitter. When brewed at a tablespoon per cup, it doesn't seem strong - just dark and a little acidic. People who like this blend usually double up on the strength. When iced, the coffee can be poured hot directly over ice without tasting diluted. Some of the pungent flavors will leave a bitter aftertaste, but the initial flavor of each sip is highly aromatic and inviting.

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