Emco Musli Crunchy Cereals Strawberries and Almonds 375g

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Emco believes that everything starts with TASTY and HEALTHY products. That's the base and DNA of all Emco products. Everything that comes out of the factory has to be super tasty. At the same time, these same products need to offer relevant nutritional benefits which make them the preferred choice for our consumers.

- Baked to crispness and mixed with strawberries and almonds
- With oat beta-glucan from wholegrain oats which contributes to maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels
- With delicious crunchy pieces rich in fruit and nuts
- Contains freeze-dried fruit which retains its shape, taste, color, and vitamins just like fresh fruit
- No cholesterol
- Naturally high in fiber
- No artificial colors
- No preservatives
- Low in salt
- Non-GMO verified
- Made in Europe
​- Muesli is an excellent alternative to granola, oatmeal, or other breakfast cereals.

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