Keto Kusina Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce 150ml

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Your all-in-one seasoning sauce that contains zero soy and zero MSG. Our Organic Coconut Sap Aminos contains no cane sugar additive and is an all-purpose coconut sap-based seasoning. It made from this pure sap that is naturally aged with sun-dried & mineral-rich sea salt; this is hand-gathered from pristine waters near the northern islands of the Philippine coast, and contains only 113 mg of sodium per teaspoon. The “umami” taste has been developed perfectly from the coconut sap that it needs not to be artificially acquired from other sources of ingredients. Known in the international market as Coconut Aminos, this all-purpose seasoning gives you the taste of “umami”.

Comes in Farm to Folk Organic Coconut Sap Aminos 250ml

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