Naturally Good Company Organic Reishi Powder 50g

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Organic Reishi Powder 50g
Gluten-free | Vegan | Non-GMO | Organic | Naturally Good Superfood
Product of China
Net weight : 50 grams
Known as the mushroom of immortality, reishi (ling zhi) has been used for 2000 years due to its
numerous health benefits. It promotes promotes relaxation & activates the body’s sleep cycle. Studies
show that reishi contains polysaccharides & triterpenoids that support the immune system. It is also
known as a natural adaptogen which helps balance mental & physical stress.
As a supplement, use 1/2 tsp, 1-2x daily. You may add reishi powder to hot water to make tea. Reishi
pairs well with cacao and nut milk.
Our reishi powder is made from the fruiting body of reishi mushroom.

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