Sozo Ketofy MCT Oil 250ml

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Our MCT Oil is made with 100% premium Caprylic Acid (C8), the strongest and most powerful type of MCT. This extremely healthy fat has proven to be the best energy provider, and is the quickest among the MCTs to be converted into ketones.

Whether you’re on keto diet, looking for ways to increase your energy or manage your weight and suppress your appetite, Ketofy MCT Oil is the answer.

MCT oil is rapidly absorbed by your liver and converted into ketones which fuel your body and brain.

(C8) Caprylic acid is a type of MCT oil that’s known to be the most ketogenic because it produces more ketones in your body than other MCTs, like Lauric acid.

Ketofy MCT Oil is a tasteless, translucent liquid that comes from a man-made process called fractionation, which involves extracting the MCTs from 100% coconut oil.

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