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Ascof Forte for Adults: Each caplet contains powdered lagundi 600 mg.

Each 5 mL (teaspoonful) of syrup contains the extract from Vitex negundo L. (dried Lagundi leaves) 300 mg or 600 mg.

Morphology: Lagundi is an erect-branched shrub that grows up to 5 meters high and is found in all regions of the Philippines. Its leaves are green, palmate and composed of 5 leaflets which are pointed at both ends. The middle leaflets are larger than the others. It has small violet flowers (6 mm) and bears tiny black succulent fruits. The herbs are nurtured organically in farms untainted by synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Ascof Forte for Adults consist purely of dried mature leaves of lagundi, without any synthetic chemicals. These leaves are processed and manufactured into tablet form.

Phytochemical Analysis: Lagundi extract contains the following naturally-occurring pharmacologically active ingredients: Chrysoplenol-D, a smooth muscle relaxant; the antihistamines casticin, luteolin, isoorientin; and lagundinin, a newly identified iridoid.
Lagundi is also known as Vitex negundo (Family Verbenaceae).

For the relief of mild to moderate cough due to common colds, flu and mild to moderate acute bronchitis; for relief of reversible mild to moderate bronchospasm in adults and children 2 years of age and older with obstructive airway disease such as asthma and chronic bronchitis.

Ascof Forte for Adults: Tablet/capsule: 300-600 mg three times a day to four times daily. Children 7-12 years: 300 mg three times a day to four times daily.
Syrup: Adults: 5 mL (1 teaspoon) 3 to 4 times a day. Dose may be increased as needed, per physician's advice.

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