Greenola Brown Rice Protein Powder 150g

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Made from ground rice grains, our Brown Rice Protein Powder is pure and naturally gluten-free. With its mild earthy taste, it can easily be mixed into any of your favorite beverages. It is also an ultimate source of vegan protein, perfect for vegans, vegetarians and others who follow a strict diet.
86% Protein, plant-based protein, vegan-friendly, boosts immunity, B vitamins

Health Benefits:
    Helps promote balance blood sugar
    Faster absorption
    Better taste
    Aids weight loss
    Rich in healthy fats
    Improves liver function

Uses: Baked goods, shakes or smoothies, beverages, pancakes, oatmeal cereals soups, pudding

Avoid exposure to heat. The powder will remain fresh if stored at room temperature or below.

Storage Life: 2-3 Years

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