Greenola Organic Golden Berries 100g

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The chewy texture and the natural saccharine flavor of these organic Peruvian golden berries team up for a delicious sweet treat. They aren’t touted as nature’s candy for nothing. A nutritional powerhouse, golden berries are a potent source of anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids and are rich in Vitamin A and C. It can be eaten straight from the bag or used as an ingredient to add flavor to baked goods and other recipes.

Nutritional Value
Fiber, vitamins and mineral, immunity booster, high in antioxidants, dehydrated

Health Benefits
    Packed with nutrients
    high in antioxidants
    Has inflammatory benefits
    may boost immunity
    may benefit bone health
    may improve vision

Suggested Uses
Smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes, pudding, toppings, salads or yogurts, baked goods, smoothie bowls

Stored at room temperature to 25℃ and 60% relative humidity

Storage Life: 6-12 Months

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