Greenola Organic Mulberries 100g

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Sourced from Turkey, our mulberries are sundried to retain their natural sweetness and myriad of nutrients. A mix of sweet and healthy, they add a delicately saccharine flavor to teas, juices, wine and jam. They also pack a lot of health benefits, from helping lower cholesterol levels, control blood sugar to reducing cancer risk.

Nutritional Value
Fiber, Vitamins and minerals, Dehydrated, Light to dark brown color

Health Benefits
    Lowers cholesterol;
    improves blood sugar control;
    Reduce risk of cancer

Suggested Uses
Smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes, pudding, toppings, salads or yogurts, baked goods, smoothie bowls

Storage under clean, dry and well ventilated conditions (best stored 8 0 C, max. 60 % RH)

Storage Life: 6-12 Months

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