Health Fusion Beauty Bunny for Hair, Skin, Nails 60's

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They say beauty comes from within, so get glowy from the inside out!
Infused with natural flavors of blueberry and raspberry, these balanced Beauty Bunny gummies are bursting with 13 vitamins & minerals that help promote healthy hair growth, glowing skin and strong nails.
Say hello to you new BFF (Beauty Friend Forever!)

5,000mcg of Biotin per serving to stimulate hair and nail growth
Folic acid is essential for helping follicles generate new hair in balding areas and for vibrant, radiant skin
Thickens hair, adds volume, prevents thinning and reduces premature greying
Vitamin E (antioxidant) contributes to skin health and healthy scalp & hair
Vitamin C (antioxidant) is involved in collagen production, which forms the basis of vibrant skin
Lightens the complexion and brown spots, reduces acne, even outs skin tone and enhances skin radiance
Strengthens nails

These vitamins work best when taken for a minimum of 3 months, but best results are at 6 months onwards. Results will vary from person to person.

Recommended for ages 18 and up. People below 18 must seek doctor’s approval.
2 gummies per serving a day
No artificial flavor, dairy, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast and flour
Vegetarian-friendly (no gelatin used)
Made with non-GMO ingredients in a GMP and ISO certified facility

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