New & Improved Tiffany Circle Sakura Milk Tea 10's

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From 120kcal, our new and improved Sakura Milk Tea formulation is now 41kcal only!

It has the lowest calorie count among our 4 variants: 41kcal with only 1g of sugar! We have also managed to reduce the carbohydrate count to 4g from 20g!

It has 1000mg of collagen. (This is 1,000,000 mcg- you might have seen this in other brands using different units to make it seem like they have higher collagen content.)

It contains 2.5g FIBER with PROBIOTICS.

It also contains Vitamin D at 400 IU which is a safe dose for kids and those with kidney disease on vitamin D supplementation. 

INGREDIENTS: Non-dairy creamer, black tea powder, stabilizer, anti-caking agent, marine collagen, chia seeds, sweetener, stevia, spinach extract powder,

cherry blossom extract powder, probiotics, reishi mushroom extract powder, biotin and artificial color (allura red)


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