Oatly! Mocha Latte 235ml

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✓ On-The-Go Coffee
✓ Coffee with some Oatsome Chocolate
✓ Gulp-Friendly

Once upon a time there was a brilliant person who discovered chocolate. Some time later, or possibly earlier, we’re not quite sure, there lived another genius who discovered coffee. At some point, a third Einstein came along, put the two together and created chocolate coffee, or what most people today call mocha. But it wasn’t until May 2018 that the masterminds at our Landskrona oat factory finally created a liquid oat version of mocha and placed it in a sparkling silver container made of recyclable paper for you to enjoy. How lucky are we to be living in such an amazing time, right?

Storage Instructions
    Store the unopened pack in a cool, dry place.
    Before consumption, place in refrigerator. Best consumed chilled.
    Once Opened, consume immediately.

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