Thai Coco Prisma Coconut Beverage Rice

Size: Thai Coco Prisma Coconut Beverage Rice 330ml
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🥥 Ambient Storage & Display
🥥 UHT Prisma Packaging
🥥 Source from fresh Coconut water & fresh meat extract to create the smoothest Coconut beverage
🥥 Plant based Vegan Milk
🥥 Soy Free
🥥 Dairy Free
🥥 Gluten Free
🥥 Low in Calories
🥥 No Cholesterol

Give yourself some love with an everyday healthy choice. Combining nutrition from both coconut milk and rice, a bottle of Coconut Rice beverage from Thai Coco is filled with goodness from nature for your health.
🥥🌾Contains anti-oxidants from rice and coconut
🥥🌾Helps prevent Alzheimer and support digestion
🥥🌾Helps lower fat and cholesterol
🥥🌾Contains Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and
Vitamin B12
Delicious goodness from nature!

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