Tolak Angin Herbal Mint Honey 15ml by 12's

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Tolak Angin, which translates to “expel the wind” was made as a remedy for when people experience masuk angin (entry of the wind or “lamig”) and other ailments caused by a weakened immune system. The FDA-approved formula is made from the following high quality herbs that work together to help boost the body’s immune system:

Oryza Sativa – serves as absorbent to bind the toxic substance causing diarrhea
Fennel – improves efficiency of mucociliary transport and thus alleviate cough caused by cold or lamig
Indian screw tree – acts as analgesic or painkiller
Cloves – reduces nausea and boosts energy
Ginger – helps increase gastrointestinal motility and digestion; improves blood circulation and protect against rhinovirus, one of the causes of influenza
Mint – acts as a powerful stimulant and tonic
Honey – added as nutrient that energizes the body and promotes healing

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